Get Your Best Bod with Boot Camp

So you’ve finally decided to get off your couch and make your body fit again – your only problem is that you don’t know where to start. Some people think that if they sign a year long contract to a gym they will be inspired to go in and get healthy; however, these people might

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Premier Futsal to have eight franchises in second season

Mumbai: Premier Futsal on Tuesday announced that the second season of the football league will be played in the first quarter of 2017 with eight franchises participating across four cities. The Premier Futsal management also made their intentions to host the league bi-annually from next year onwards, according to a release. Premier Futsal logo. Firstpost Premier

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The zen of American river rafting

Floating down a river might be the ultimate vacation. It’s also not for the faint of heart. Rafting is sort of an elaborate simulacrum of a pre-industrial state of nature. All your clothes, food, and cooking gear has to be packed on the boats. You sleep in a tent, or simply on the ground. A

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UEFA Futsal Cup set for kick-off

The UEFA Futsal Cup preliminary round begins with 32 of the record entry of 52 clubs – including first teams from San Marino and Kosovo – competing for eight places in the main round. The UEFA Futsal Cup begins with the preliminary round running from Tuesday until Sunday with first entrants from San Marino and Kosovo among

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