9 Super-Fit Celebrity Dads Who Inspire Us

No question about it: These celeb dads are worth a follow on Instagram. Not only do they do an A-list job of keeping active, they also love to post sweet snaps of their kids. We applaud them for making fitness a priority, and modeling healthy living for their little ones. Whether they’re sweating it out on the

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Shape Up for Summer With Tracy Anderson's Beach Body Boot Camp

If you’re just getting around to tightening up for shorts and swimsuit season, don’t worry—it’s not too late. I’ve got a few dynamic moves that target all your muscles, forcing you to put your full physical and mental energy into each movement. The result: You up that calorie burn while toning all over. My goal for you is to maintain a so-called summer body year-round, staying within a healthy and sustainable seven-pound weight zone. This

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5 Dumbbell Exercises for a Full-Body Burn

This article was originally published on If you want to kill two workout birds (cardio and strength) with one stone, compound exercises are the way to go. Combo exercises mesh at least two moves into one continuous flow, so you work multiple muscles and build functional strength. Pick up the pace to kick your heart

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The Best Sneakers for Every Workout, According to Our Fitness Editor

If anyone knows sneakers, it’s Health’s senior fitness editor Rozalynn Frazier. Whether she’s researching products for our monthly gear awards or reviewing Nike’s new running shoe, Roz’s job requires her to constantly test the latest sneakers (lucky!). She has so many sneakers and workout clothes, in fact, that she’s had to devote an entire closet to her fitness gear—no easy

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