10 Yoga Poses to Do with a Partner

It’s rewarding to accomplish a new yoga pose that you’ve been practicing for a while, but it feels even better when sharing that excitement with a friend. In this video, Health contributing expert Kristin McGee shows us 10 yoga poses that you can do with a buddy. Partners can use their body weight to help

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Trampoline Workouts Are as Effective as Running, But Feel Easier and More Fun

Hate running? Need a break from the bike? Working out with a trampoline can provide an equally effective calorie burn and cardio boost, according to new research—but it might feel easier and more fun. We’re not talking about those big backyard trampolines linked to injuries and ER visits, though; this study focused specifically on mini trampolines designed specifically for fitness. They’re

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How to Do a Quad Stretch

Stretching is a must before and after you do any type of physical activity to relieve muscle tension and prevent cramping. But after sitting on a plane for hours, it’s especially important to get the blood flowing back into your lower body. Watch the video to see fitness expert Lauren Williams demonstrate a quad stretch

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How to Do a Side Lunge

Stretching your inner thighs and calves after getting off a long flight can help prevent your lower body from locking up. A classic side lunge is the perfect exercise to help you do just that. Not only does this move stretch and tone the side of your body, but it also activates the muscles in

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